Tom Kha  $6

coconut milk, tofu, mushroom, tomato, Thai herb broth

With Chicken $7

With Salmon & Prawns $10

Chicken Satay $8

grilled marinated chicken skewers, peanut sauce, pickled cucumber

Thai Corn Fritters $7

tofu, scallion, kaffir leaf, curry paste, cucumber in sweet chili sauce

Sweet Chili Edamame $7

coated w/sweet and savory chili paste

Jicama Salad $7

purple cabbage, carrot, crispy shallot, scallion, toasted coconut-lime dressing

Green Papaya Salad $8

prawns, string bean, cherry tomato, chili, peanut, sweet lime dressing

Cashew Nut Salad $8

cucumber, carrot, bell pepper, scallion, cilantro, basil, sweet lime dressing

Grilled Beef Salad $12

cucumber, onions, carrot, tomato, bell pepper, lime chili rice powder dressing


Grilled Salmon $16

sauté vegetables, roasted potato, caper brown butter sauce.

Pad Thai Noodles $15

grilled prawns, egg, sweet radish, tofu, dried shrimp, Chinese chives, peanuts, beansprout.

Pad Si Ew $12

flat rice noodle, egg, (chicken or beef), broccoli, carrot, Chinese broccoli stir-fried w/ sweet soy sauce

w/prawns $15

Kee Maow Linguini $12

(egg noodle) Chicken, dried chili, daily fresh vegetables, bell pepper, basil

Pad Gai $12

flat rice noodle, chicken, egg, beansprout, sweet radish, peanut, wok stir-fried

Shrimp Garlic Noodles $14

thin egg noodles, onion, bell pepper, on a bed of mixed green.

Thai Fried Rice $11

(chicken, pork, or beef), egg, onion, Chinese broccoli, tomato, scallion

(Choice of jasmine white rice, +$1 for jasmine brown rice)

Thai Basil Stir-Fry $11

chicken, bell pepper, onion, mix vegetables, chili, house stir-fry sauce

Cashew Nut Stir-Fry $11

chicken, cashew nut, mix vegetables, onion, bell pepper, dried chili

Red Curry $12

kabocha squash, daily fresh vegetable, chili, bell pepper, Thai basil

Green Curry $12

(chicken, pork, or beef), daily fresh vegetable, chili, bell pepper, Thai basil.

Additional chicken/pork/beef/ or tofu $2

shrimps $4

Yellow Curry $12

 potato, onion, green peas, carrot

Panang Beef $16

slow-cooked beef sirloin chunks in medium spiced curry sauce, vegetables

Skirt Steak $16

grilled, sauté vegetables, crispy shallots, scallion, sesame, soy glazed

Thai BBQ Chicken $13

grilled, jicama salad, sweet chili sauce


Jasmine white/brown rice $2

Peanut sauce $1

Cucumber salad $2

Steamed vegetables    $4

Mango w/ sweet sticky rice (seasonal) $8

Crème Brûlée (Vanilla / *Thai tea) $6

Banana Foster $7

Vanilla Ice Cream $5


Ask about our additional wine list.

Thai ice tea/ coffee $3

Thai hot tea $2

Unsweetened Thai tea $3

Assorted Hot Tea $2

Sparkling Water $2

Soda $2

(Coke, Diet Coke, 7-Up)

Beer  $4.5

(Asahi, Blue Moon, Chang, Heineken,
Anchor Steam, Sierra Nevada, Singha)

House Red $5

House White $5